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For shelter house reservations, contact Bob Murray at (785) 224-6293.

The park began as a community gathering place as far back as at least the 1880’s when there are records detailing a school picnic here. The area became known as Murphy’s Grove in the early 1900’s named after Jim Murphy, who owned the land. Dewey Mohler, a long time Tecumseh resident, related that there was a pond to the south of the present day restrooms that he used to swim in as a kid, and there were picnic tables for the community to use.

The Tecumseh Grange adopted creating a park in 1960, and Tecumseh township sold a bond issue for $20,000 to fund the purchase of the land for $10,000 from Ethel Richards, who had inherited the land. The remaining money fenced the property, and built the ball diamonds, wooden bleachers, the original playground and an outhouse! Dewey’s father, Clay Mohler, Cindy Cooper's father, Wayne Ice, Gerald Kreipe, John Lessley, Fred Root, Wright Bertschinger, and Joe Burgardt were on the Grange committee that worked on the park. Many of those are familiar names or relatives of many of you. We don’t have a date as to when the original shelter was built. The park was dedicated on August 28, 1960 and over 1200 people attended the ceremony! The township has managed the park ever since.